Farshid Hosseini
He was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1982, who is one of the well-known architects in the world of art and construction.
He started his professional activity in 2002 in the field of construction. Since the very beginning, he adopted a special style in his projects, which distinguished him from his colleagues. Farshid Hosseini’s projects cover a variety of areas including commercial, official, residential, industrial, research, and educational.
Due to his unique activity in this field, he has been honored to receive numerous awards in the most prestigious competitions in the country.

The following projects are his most significant works:
▪ El-Gölü Nature Bridge (Tabriz)
▪ Conference hall of Parsian Bank Central Building (Tehran)
▪ Office of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development
▪ projects of Infrastructure communication company
▪ The ultimate stock exchange company
▪ Automall, Argentina Square, (Tehran)
▪ Zand Hotel, Imam Khomeini Airport
▪ “Ace” Building, (Ahvaz)

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