Are you after a modern house facade to lift the presence of your home on your street? Or perhaps you’d like the outside of your home to finally match the inside by changing its tired old facade into something modern?

Changing the facade of a house can do wonders for its overall feel – it can even boost its value when it comes time to sell. Take a look at our favourite contemporary house facades (that don’t require you to take out a second mortgage!) and find some inspiration for your next big project.

What is a modern house facade?

Modern house façades tend to incorporate particular materials, colours and shapes into their designs in order to bring contemporary styling to the front of your home. Every era of architecture has its tell-tale exterior details, such as the inclusion of dramatic columns in Regency-era façades or the heavy English influence of Federation Queen Anne homes.

Contemporary house facades are no different. Simple geometric shapes, rendered cement, clean lines and minimal fuss in décor tend to define modern facades – something we have taken into account when designing our range of beautiful dwellings here at Clarendon Homes.

Single-Storey Modern House Facades

If you’re looking to create a modern house facade, it’s worth keeping in mind key factors such as the architectural style of your home, its cladding (is it brick, weatherboard, or a composite material?) and colours. With these in mind, you can springboard your creative ideas.

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